New York Festivals 15 (New York Festivals Annual of Advertising)

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The organization responsible for producing nine world-renowned awards competitions, New York Festivals′ mission is to showcase the world′s newest and most exciting ideas in advertising-the best of which are presented in this book. This perennially successful compilation contains full-color photographs of award-winning work from newspapers, magazines, billboards, web sites, and point of sale locations, including posters, packaging, photographs, and public service messages. Featured are all the winners and finalists in the New York Festivals 2007 Design and Print Advertising Awards, the 2007 Global Awards for Healthcare Communications, and the 2006 Midas Awards for Financial Services Communications. NEW YORK FESTIVALS 15 is a superb reference book, an inspirational educational tool, and an illuminating look at how the U.S. and other countries approach advertising. It′s a must-read for everyone in advertising, marketing, design, and corporate communications.